Bringing a dancers dreams to life,

to perform and become

all that they wish to be!

Melbourne Dancewear's journey has only just begun, our passion for dance however has been around a lot longer. We understand the feeling of freedom and joy that dance brings into your life and we know it never leaves.


Melbourne Dancewear provides quality costumes at afforable prices allowing dancers to showcase their routines while enhancing the visual effect with a variety of costumes. 


All costumes have been purchased from local dance schools where they had excess stock from concerts or competitions. Therefore we may not carry every size in all the costumes & the styles are varied. All costumes that we sell are new and in excellent condition from various costume designers such as Costume Gallery, Camille Wolfe, Studio 7 and many more.

If you own a dance school and have dance costumes that you would like sell, we would be happy to discuss with you the options that we have available to help you. Please contact our team at

You may just find that perfect solo outfit here or a fairy ballerina costume your dancer has always wished for.